Hey there! It’s so great to cross paths with you! Glad you’re here!

My name is Karen Friend Smith. I’m a nutrition & lifestyle coach as well as an advocate for safer products.

For the last 10 years, I have been rather obsessed with nutrition, whole foods, plant-based eating, reducing toxins & improving the health of myself & my family.

It’s been an eye-opening journey to say the least.

  • We cured my daughter of an auto-immune disease.
  • My husband lost 70 pounds (and has kept it off…10+ years)
  • I learned how to meal plan, cook & grocery shop (hey, not all of us are foodies)

And, that’s just the start.

Redefining Healthy Living

I used to think that if I just exercised enough or ate enough ‘healthy food’ that I would be healthy. And when I fell short of my goals, I blamed myself for not ‘doing’ enough.

I believed the marketing I grew up with – low fat, calorie free, more protein, less carbs, eat less, exercise more. I didn’t realize there was so much more to it.

I made a lot of assumptions about food & other products on the shelves – assuming things were safe, tested, regulated.

But the more I learned, the more I realized that’s just not the case.

So, we started making some changes at our house.

  • Paying attention to where our food came from.
  • Exercising for fun – rather than for burning calories.
  • Removing processed foods & additives and focusing on whole foods.
  • Replacing pots, pans with safer alternatives.
  • Removing plastics from our kitchen & food storage.

From there, we switched to safer cleaning products. We started to remove the chemicals from our laundry, our bathrooms and our cabinets.

These days, it’s all about choosing safer personal care products, skincare & cosmetics – especially as I approach 50 & the pressure to ‘slow the clock’ is in full swing.

(Speaking of, this whole ‘anti-aging’ thing has sparked a whole new mission for me. To help raise awareness about the importance of what we put ON our bodies – our largest organ – and the impact the products we use have on our health.

My Mission

I spent the last 10 years learning all of this stuff. Learning from the best. Reading. Studying. Experimenting. Teaching. Learning how to make change without being rigid. Finding better solutions. Better strategies. Discovering a structure for self care that is manageable – and even FUN!

And, becoming known as a health & nutrition expert in my circles. An inspiration to those around me.

It’s almost funny because if you knew me years ago – you would find it laughable. I was the workaholic. The one who skipped meals. The one who always put everyone else & their needs before my own.

There is absolutely NO WAY I would be where I am now if I hadn’t had massive support. It’s not easy with all we have to juggle as crazy over-achievers! When you are a giver, a helper, a doer…you often put yourself last on the list. And, you’re often the first one to be cheated – whether it’s skipping a meal or a workout or time to yourself.

Which is why I’m here…

To empower you. To be your biggest fan. To share all I’ve learned. To pay it forward. To save you time. And, to connect you to good resources, brands & ways to get engaged in making the world a healthier & safer place – for both YOU & those you LOVE.

Whether it’s a discovering a new recipe, finding safer products, encouraging our government representatives to take action, or simply helping spread the word within our individual social networks. Together, we can make a big difference.

Let me support you with:

  • Private & group coaching in nutrition & healthy living
  • Safer solutions for skincare & cosmetics
  • The opportunity to reconnect with that part of you that craves a moment to yourself & a kind word
  • Inspiration & hope that maybe – just maybe – there’s a more simple way to achieve your goals

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Karen Friend Smith
Certified Nutritionist
PN Coach & Beautycounter Consultant
Living in San Diego, CA